A Prayer for My Daughter, Who Does Not Exist
Dan Albergotti
Bless you, my hollow child, lying under nothing tonight
in one of those other worlds. Let there be wind, for there is
no wind. Let me hear it and fear nothing for you.

Bless your yawning, unreal mouth, your even breath.
When you wake, will your first word be Daddy
or God? Let it be God, let there be that.

Bless your fingers playing on my face, in my hair,
under my skull. Let there be your soft touch, for there is
no touch. And let there be the light crescent moons of your nails.

Bless everything you will do and all your dreams.
Dream of your father. Dream of your god. Let there be
years and years and years, for there is no future.

And since between each world there is nothing,
let there be a prayer. Let me bless your too-pale skin,
your too-auburn hair, your beautiful impossibility.

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