Mouse, Little Mouse
Dan Morris

How it got in 
I donít know. But now
itís lying next to my bed
beside my phone. I would like 
to think that itís sleeping.

Through the paper towel, 
I can feel itís still soft, freshly gone,
as I lay it on the counter 
to get a closer look.

Thought, perhaps, it was a deer mouse
Peromyscus maniculatus. I knew them, 
summers ago, as a student of Zoology. 
But itís too grey and I donít think deer mice take 
to the indoors. Peterson Field Guide says 
ďhouse mouse,Ē Mus musculus
Thatís Latin for mouse, little mouse.
Habitat: occasionally found in fields, but usually in buildings.
And like maniculatus it has a white belly. 

Thereís no mammae so I can call it he 
and be accurate. I wouldnít mind sharing 
my space with this little guy.

Why did he choose next to my phone 
to expire, out in the open? Perhaps 
he just didnít want to go alone.

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