The Rescue
Georgia Edwards

A crack – the break – your fall –
human bone avalanche.

Fractured, submerged, diffusing,
now you must surface,

abandon your crystalline cave
in the sonorous deep,

where your bliss breathes – listens –
dances in secret with the great fisherman

Bach, your heart’s master,
who long ago wrapped you in his net

of perfect, ordered, sinuous sound
and dropped you down into the ineffable.

Now wrecked, sinking,
you disappear like lost treasure,

embedded in the ocean’s
soft, shifting sands, helpless

until  suddenly, the very fisherman
who once caught and consumed you,

now becomes the fish,
and plunges into your depths

to take you in his mouth,
steer you out of the heavy waters,

toward the clearing blue, rippling
rippling up, up into breath

until with raw, spouting force,
he finally hurls you into the air

toward us, who have watched, waited
and loved you from the shore.

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