Three Photographs of Goodness
Helga Kidder


A calm sea sprinkled with floes
reminds of white lace covering pale skin.
Sun diffuses the sky
the color of a well-beaten egg.
Layers of fog doze in between.
White noise swing-dances with air.
Terns perch on the shore's railing.      


My dog sits in front of the cabin
next to a shovel leaning against the door.
He watches snow thrum mauve sky.
Ears pricked to the wind
blowing flakes sideways,
he listens to the faint call
of herding sheep in an ancient valley.


In morning coat I saunter to the mailbox,
pick turbid news off the pavement.
Rain-doused winter trees scrubbed clean
branch morning birds whistling
their individual praise songs
as sun-drenched, light-blue air coaxes
a crusade of blooms early to the city. 

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