How many pieces may I submit?

Please include up to three poems in each submission. 

How often may I submit?

Please submit only once every six months, or as soon as we respond to your most current submission. 

May I submit previously published work?

Please do not submit any work that has been previously published in either print or digital media.

Are simultaneous submissions okay?

Yes, as long you indicate specifically which poems are simultaneous submissions. We also ask to be notified as soon as possible if the poems have been accepted by another publication. 

Who owns the rights of poems published in Town Creek Poetry?

Rights for each work revert back to the author upon publication. 

Does Town Creek Poetry publish in print?

No. Town Creek Poetry currently publishes only as a digital, online journal. 

Will accepted poems be edited before publication?

We only edit submissions in correspondence with the author. However, to avoid unnecessary work, please have your poem in the form that you want before submitting. 

What file formats should I use to submit?

Please provide the text for your poems wholly within an email sent to submissionsATtowncreekpoetryDOTcom. Poems submitted as file attachments will be deleted on sight. 

We must insist on these limits to protect our computers from damage by viruses. If your poem requires special formatting (such as italics, etc.), please consider using the RealText features provided by most free email providers such as Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo! Mail. You can also use recent versions of Microsoft's email client Outlook to format your poems as you wish. 

Does Town Creek Poetry pay for accepted submissions?

Unfortunately, we are unable to pay authors for their published work. 

How soon should I expect a response from the editors regarding submitted poems?

Unfortunately, it might take some time to hear from us. Usually we notify poets a few weeks before the new issue is posted as to whether their work has been taken. You will likely hear from us, then, in October or April. However, we are making efforts to respond more rapidly, as we empathize with submission culture and the often unconscionable delays writers must endure.

If you have not heard from us within five months of your submission, please query us.

Does Town Creek Poetry accept non-English poems or translations?

No. Town Creek Poetry currently seeks original English language poems.

May I submit my poems even if I have no prior publishing history?


Where is Town Creek Poetry based?

Town Creek Poetry is based both in Marietta, Georgia, and Auburn, Alabama. 

Will I receive comments or criticism on rejected poems?

Unfortunately, we do not have time to comment on individual poems. In rare cases, if we feel that small edits might improve a poem significantly, we will work with the poet through collaborative editing.

How long should my submitted poems be?

We prefer to publish poems that will fit on one or two pages. However, since this is an online medium, if you have a longer poem that you think might work, by all means, submit it.

What types of poems will Town Creek Poetry accept?

We accept all types of poems. We have no absolute stance on formal poems. We only require that the form engages the reader and contributes to the poem. We wish for poems to be evocative, sonically textured, imagistic, and to cater to both the intellect and the heart.

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